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We will do our best to welcome and accommodate all teachers who wish to participate in the Religious Worlds institute, but it is a physically demanding program which may pose challenges to participants with limited mobility.

Union Theological Seminary’s on-campus housing and academic facilities are all fully accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, although the campus (built in 1908) may be tricky to navigate for some people with disabilities.  Unfortunately, however, houses of worship are not required to comply with the ADA, and the community-based, experiential portion of our curriculum generally includes site visits to houses of worship that are not easily accessible for people with limited mobility.  The institute requires extensive travel throughout the city by charter bus, taxi, and subway, and our summer scholars’ field research requires a full day of walking (in late July heat) to explore the religious life of the Upper West Side.

Once we complete the admissions process for the institute, we will survey our summer scholars to learn if they have any special needs or physical limitations we should be aware of.  Again, we will do our best to welcome and accommodate all teachers who wish to participate, but it is a physically demanding program.

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