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On-campus housing at Union Theological Seminary is available for all summer scholars in the Religious Worlds institute, but we cannot guarantee everyone their first choice between a dorm room and studio apartment (see below for details).  Housing is made available on a “first come, first served” basis once summer scholars are admitted to the institute, so if you have a strong preference for a dorm or studio you’ll need to act fast upon admission.

Summer scholars staying at Union are required to pay for housing for the full month of July.  The rates listed below are for this one-month period. You’re welcome to enjoy some time in New York before and after the institute, but even if you can’t do so the cost per night remains extremely affordable (at least by crazy NYC standards).

Spouses and partners of our summer scholars are welcome to stay on campus, but children are not allowed in Union housing.  Please contact us if you have questions about family-friendly housing.  (And please note that spouses and partners are not allowed to participate in the formal program of the institute, but they’re more than welcome at social events.)

If you’re not happy with the housing options at Union, we’ll help you explore other options nearby.  In previous institutes, summer scholars have stayed at local hotels, Airbnb rentals, or with family or friends.  But for your comfort and convenience — and to build a sense of community at the institute — we encourage all summer scholars coming from out of town to stay on campus.  Union offers affordable housing on a lovely campus, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy being there!


Dorm Rooms w/ Shared Bathrooms on Each Hall

These are small, spartan, but comfortable rooms (seen above). Some face Union’s interior courtyard, and some face Broadway (with a little street noise, but from the 6th or 7th floor).  All are air-conditioned (an essential in New York in July!) and provided with a bed, desk, chair, lamp, dresser, and wireless internet.  Summer scholars staying in dorm rooms will need to bring their own bedding, pillows, towels, and curtains.  There are communal kitchens on each dorm floor (seen above), with limited cookware, dishes, and utensils, as well as communal lounges (not seen, but cozy) to hang out with your fellow summer scholars at the end of the day.


Studio Apartments w/ Private Bathrooms & Kitchenettes

The size, layout, and furnishing of these studio apartments are identical to Union’s dorm rooms (see previous section).  But the studios also include private bathrooms, as well as kitchenettes built into the wall (both seen above). Like the dorm rooms, they are all air-conditioned (thank goodness!), and provided with a bed, desk, chair, lamp, dresser, and wireless internet, but not with bedding, pillows, towels, or curtains.  Studio kitchenettes do not generally come with cookware, dishes, or utensils (you might find some left by a previous resident, but you can’t count on it).

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