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Teaching Lived Religion Webinar

Sorry the lived religion webinar is currently off-line -- we're working on restoring it!

The webinar embedded below was produced by the Interfaith Center of New York and the National Association of Episcopal Schools.  A few of the issues addressed in the webinar are specific to teachers at Episcopal schools, but most are relevant to all teachers trying to teach more effectively about religious diversity.



The presentations begin about 30 seconds into the video, with introductory remarks by Ann Mellow, the Associate Director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools.

Beginning about 4 minutes into the video, Dr. Henry Goldschmidt gives an overview of lived religion pedagogy, drawing a series of contrasts between "world religions" and "lived religion" models of teaching about religious diversity, and highlighting the importance of exploring the diversity within all religious traditions.  Dr. Goldschmidt is the Director of Programs at the Interfaith Center of New York, and director of the Religious Worlds institute.

Beginning about 32 minutes into the video, Rev. Stephen Arbogast explores concrete strategies for teaching lived religion, focusing on guidelines for student-driven field research projects on the religious diversity of local communities.  Rev. Arbogast is the Senior Chaplain and Chair of the Religion Department at the National Cathedral School in Washington DC, and was a summer scholar in the 2012 Religious Worlds institute.